About Us

Founded in 1929, Cisneros is a global enterprise focused on media & entertainment, digital advertising, real estate and social leadership.  

Cisneros Media manages Venevision, Venezuela’s leading TV network as well a variety of cable channels with 25 million subscribers in Latin America. Through Cisneros Media Distribution, Cisneros Media produces content that is distributed in over 100 countries and in 12 languages. 

Cisneros Interactive is the leading digital advertising company in Latin America and the United States Hispanic market with offices in 16 countries and various companies, each a leader in its area of competence. ;

Cisneros Real Estate develops high-end, sustainable resorts with current projects in the Dominican Republic and Colorado.

Social leadership at Cisneros is an integral part of each of our business units.  Through Fundación Cisneros and Fundación Tropicalia, our non-profit organizations, as well as individual corporate social responsibility initiatives we support education, the environment, productivity, as well as wellbeing and culture.  

If you’d like to know more about Cisneros, please explore our corporate timeline for a more in depth look at our 85+ year history.