Cisneros Media

Cisneros Media is a story developer and premium content producer of a range of genres, from live-action to animation. Its platforms, including Venevision - Venezuela's leading TV network - its PayTv Channels and its Digital Platforms (VenevisionPlay, VePlus, Novelisima & MasTalk) reach over 50 million subscribers. Cisneros Media Distribution showcases a robust global footprint, delivering more than 30,000 hours of entertainment content. Mobius.Lab, its non-fiction division, has grown to serve domestic and international audiences, with awarded short-form content for every platform. Cisneros Kids & Family - its newest division - crafts stories that resonate with hearts, inspire young minds, and unite families around the world.

Our divisions include:

  • Venevision, the leading TV network in Venezuela.
  • Cisneros Media Distribution, a global distributor of more than 30,000 hours of entertainment content.
  • Pay-TV, a group of cable channels reaching over 25 million subscribers in the US Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain.
  • Miss Venezuela, a multi-platform female-oriented production house that holds seven Miss Universe titles, six Miss World titles and eight Miss International winners.
  • Mobius Lab Productions an original content incubator with over 1,000 hours of award winning content for a global audience; and CisnerosKids an original children content división of a range of genres, from live-action to animation.




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Over the Air

Venevision is the market leader in Venezuela. It offers a wide range of shows, including original telenovelas, comedies, talk shows and game shows in addition to airing sports, news, movies and other international programming.

Venevision holds a distinguished position in news programming. Noticiero Venevision has won numerous local and international awards for excellence in news coverage.

Novelisima showcases great stories of love, drama, and suspense. The linear channel is complemented by its online live-streaming platform and VOD, for viewers to catch up on recently aired episodes. Novelisima is available across 79 main U.S. Hispanic markets.

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Distribution & Pay TV

Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) is a global distributor of entertainment content. It represents products from its affiliated production companies. Its library boasts more than 30,000 hours of high quality entertainment content, which is distributed in more than 100 countries and 20 languages. Based in Miami, Florida, Cisneros Media Distribution also operates and provides programming services to Pay TV channels throughout the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain reaching more than 25 million households.

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Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela is a multi-platform female-oriented production company which runs the Miss Venezuela pageant, considered to be one of the most prestigious and successful beauty pageants in the world. This event has produced more international beauty queens than any other contest in history. It holds seven Miss Universe, six Miss World and eight Miss International wins.  Miss Venezuela was entered into the Guinness World Records in 2009 for being the first country to win back-to-back Miss Universe titles.  At the heart of Miss Venezuela is the commitment to social leadership.  The organization provides opportunities to women of all socioeconomic backgrounds and empowers them to be ambassadors for causes within their local communities in partnership with corporate sponsors and international NGO's.



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Cisneros Kids

Cisneros Kids creates engaging content for children at a global scale. Our mission is to build universally appealing brands and franchises by telling impactful stories with global resonance, respecting and understanding diverse cultures. Through passion and purpose, Cisneros Kids aims to inspire and uplift children worldwide.