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Cisneros Media Distribution Enlists Comarex to Maximize its Programming Catalogue in International Markets

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Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) today announced an international representation deal with Comarex, a leading distributor of television programming, channels, and digital content with more than 30 years in the industry.  Led by its CEO Marcel Vinay, Jr., Comarex will market Cisneros Media... read more

Cisneros Interactive Makes $2 Million Capital Investment in Audio.Ad

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Cisneros Interactive, a digital advertising division of Cisneros, today announced a $2 million capital investment in, the leading digital audio advertising company in Latin America.  The capital will empower Audio.Ad to expand operations in Brazil and Central America, and strength... read more

FLUVIP Proclaims November 30th as Influencer Day

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FLUVIP, the leading Influencer Marketing group in Latin America and the U.S. multicultural market, today proclaimed November 30th as ‘Influencer Day’ in recognition of people on social media who influence audiences (friends, followers, fans) in making purchasing decisions via posted branded cont... read more

Facebook and Cisneros Interactive Close Partnership in Latin America

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Cisneros Interactive, a digital advertising division of Cisneros, today signed on to become the reseller partner for Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) in four key Latin American markets: Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Venezuela.  Cisneros Interactive will hire local teams exclusively dedicated to serv... read more

Does This Gift Represent the Next Big Thing in Contemporary Art Philanthropy?

by Mike Scutari / INSIDE PHILANTHROPY / / In The News
The other day, I stumbled upon a provocative piece in the New York Times titled "Art Museums are Looking for that Next Big Gift." Its thesis won't surprise IP readers. Public museums, lacking the cash to purchase major artwork in the marketplace, pine for that special collector's gift to broaden... read more

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