RedMas, a Cisneros Interactive Company, and smartycontent Form Alliance to Boost Online Video in the Americas

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Smartycontent, a company providing advanced digital video solutions that integrates audiences, content, and advertising across the entire publishing and advertising value chain, and RedMas, a Cisneros Interactive company, today announced a joint venture to launch smartycontent America in Latin America and the United States.

The alliance brings together the technology of smartycontent - which provides publishers access to a powerful digital video platform for the content management publishing and monetization of their online video content via a variety of video advertising formats - and the scope of RedMas, one of the leading digital advertising networks in the Americas, reaching an audience of more than 135 million unique users a month in the region.

“Through this alliance with RedMas, publishers and content producers in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market will have at their disposal an advanced technological platform that will allow them to increase their video content with the objective to generate more views and maximize the revenue of their advertising inventory,” explained Jesus Aldana, CEO of smartycontent.

Smartycontent’s value proposition to video content producers is to avoid not only the fixed costs of using the platform, but also to minimize the variable costs of using the technology for video distribution (CDN), in addition to maximizing their monetization opportunities.

“The platform, called smartyCenter, integrates the entire process in a 360° format, which provides a full stack video cloud incorporating CMS, CDN (Amazon web services), Hosting, Video Players, DMP, SSP, and a Content Market Place connected to major news agencies for the syndication of content; all without any fixed costs for Publishers,” stated German Herebia, CEO of RedMas.

“RedMas, with the support of Cisneros Interactive, has made a significant investment in video, which is the fastest growing category in digital media,” added Gonzalo Alonso, General Director of smartycontent America.  “The biggest beneficiaries will be the publishers and audiovisual content producers, who are currently dependent on the high costs of technology and they don’t have the capability to monetize their video content, nor do they have real statistics of its consumption.  Today, we can now offer them access to our platform free of any fixed costs.”

The smartycontent America team is comprised of Gonzalo Alonso, Director General; Federico Pedemonte, Director of Affiliation for Latin America, Southern Region; Bereth Galicia, Director for Affiliation of Latin America, Northern Region; and Luisa Magalhães, Director of Affiliation for Brazil.