Cisneros Media Distribution Signs Deal to Represent Telefe in Africa

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Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD), a global distributor of entertainment content, signed a deal today at MIPCOM with Telefe, the leading content production, distribution and audiovisual services company in Argentina, to represent a selection of their internationally renowned productions in the territory of Africa.

“We believe the collective advantages of presenting this remarkable catalogue with the classical telenovela approach of Cisneros Media Distribution’s storytelling campaign and the distinctive edginess of Telefe’s trademark productions, which complement each other, become a strong proposition for our mutual clientele in Africa,” emphasized Marcello Coltro, EVP, Content Distribution of Cisneros Media.  “We are very excited about the possibilities of this venture, and its potential to grow.”

Cisneros Media Distribution, a pioneer in the distribution of Latin television content in the African continent, has a long and accomplished history in the territory. The global distributor has already selected some notable titles from Telefe’s proven catalogue to showcase at MIPCOM; they include “We are Family” [Somos Familia (183x60’)], “Love Road” [Camino al Amor (120x60’)], and “Legacy of Passion” [Herencia de Amor (131x60’)], among others.

“We are very enthusiastic about this agreement and the opportunity to join forces with Cisneros Media Distribution to develop business in this territory, which presents great possibilities for both companies,” stated Daniel Otaola, Head of Content Distribution for Telefe.  “This kind of alliance will strengthen Telefe´s presence in the region since our content, recognized for their high quality, have great potential in this territory, which is known for its consumption of our most representative genre, the telenovela.”