Cisneros Media Distribution and Venevision Announce the Start of Production of the Telenovela “Entre Tu Amor y Mi Amor”

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Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD), a global distributor of entertainment content, and Venevision, Venezuela’s leading broadcaster and content producer, today announced the start of production of the telenovela “Entre Tu Amor y Mi Amor” [Separated by Love], starring Daniel Elbittar, Rosmeri Marval, and the principal actor Simon Pestana.

As a result of the strategic synergy initiative established by Cisneros Media President Jonathan Blum, the corporate division’s affiliated companies, Venevision and CMD, joined forces to co-produce the telenovela by author Carlos Perez that began filming on September 14th under the direction of Yuri Delgado; Executive Producer Carolina De Jacobo, and Producer Elizabeth Cermeno.

“With the evolution of television and the current changes in behavior and trends among generations of audiences, we are anticipating the needs of our clients in the U.S. Hispanic market, Latin America, and abroad.  As a result, we are working with Venevision to offer new telenovelas with dynamic plots, shorter scenes, fewer characters, and variations at different stages of the story to enable editing for multiple platforms,” stated Marcello Coltro, EVP, Content Distribution of Cisneros Media.

“Entre Tu Amor y Mi Amor” is the classic story of love and perseverance that both television audiences and broadcasters alike are seeking for their primetime line-up, quality entertainment of the whole family, featuring a cast of top international stars, such as Carlota Sosa, Maria Antonieta Duque, Marialejandra Martin, Noheli Arteaga, Eileen Abad, Roberto Lamarca, Antonio Delli, Flavia Gleske, Greyci Mena, Juan Carlos Garcia, Alexander Da Silva, Nacho Huett, Yuvanna Montalvo, Erika Santiago, Gustavo Camacho, Mairalexandra Rodriguez, Gabriel Correa, Gibson Dominguez, Leonardo Pantoja, Raquel Yanes and Erick Ronson; as well as youngsters Ornella De La Rosa, Vanessa Suarez, and Hecham Halwadth.

“Venevision is a well-established brand in the telenovela genre, recognized for its quality of production, classic stories, and featured authors and writers; and we are proud to collaborate with Cisneros Media Distribution in our continual resolve to accommodate current audience behavior, both nationally and internationally, and to incorporate the latest trends in the industry,” stated Manuel Fraiz-Grijalba, EVP of Venevision.  “With our vast experience, which spans more than 50 years, and our expert production team, we will continue to strengthen our position in the telenovela market, offering dramatic stories of great artistic value to broadcasters around the world.”

“Entre Tu Amor y Mi Amor” follows the story of a young woman, Sol (Rosmeri Marval), who leaves her country home for the city in search of a better life, without a glimpse of all the threats and dangers that await her.  She falls in love with Alejandro (Daniel Elbittar), not knowing that he is the son of the evil woman who swindled her parents and ordered their murder when Sol was only a baby, and is now prepared to leash out at her to destroy her and take her away from the love of her life forever.

Over time, and thanks to a twist of fate, Sol returns, rich and successful, to take revenge on all those who did her wrong and to recover everything that is rightfully hers.  But revenge will not be easy, or without sacrifice, especially when she has to face the only man she has ever loved.  Ultimately, a web of chronic dramatics, allegedly unrelated, will mesh perfectly together to put in motion a network of synchronized events that will lead Sol to doubt the truth of her past and lose perception of her future, making it difficult for her to distinguish between good and evil… love and betrayal.