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"The programmatic platform for Influencer Marketing" 

FLUVIP is the leading Influencer Marketing company in Latin America, having developed a technology platform that allows brands to connect with the most relevant Social Content Influencers in the world through multi-channels: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Facebook, and Blogs.

The technology platform allows three key activities crucial for Influencer Marketing and which otherwise is done manually and cannot scale:

  1. Selection of the right Social Influencers for Advertisers’ campaigns based on artificial intelligence systems
  2. Automatic posting of brand content by Social Influencers, prior review and approval by Advertisers and Social Influencers. All this process takes place within FLUVIP’s platform.
  3. Real-Time Monitoring of each campaign, regardless of the social platform being used, enabling quick campaign optimization

With 40,000 influencers in its platform, FLUVIP allows Advertisers to reach their targeted audience and to communicate with this audience via their favorite influencers, within the social platform of their choice, and with the appropriate content.

The company which is based in Bogota, has sales offices in Lima, Mexico, Buenos Aires, New York and Miami.   During 2016 it will also launch in the Brazilian market.

FLUVIP was founded by Sebastian Jasminoy, a serial entrepreneur.

Sebastian Jasminoy

Serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in developing digital businesses.  Prior to FLUVIP, he founded two companies:

Home Flowers, 2005 – 2010 (5 years)Buenos Aires, Argentina

Flower retail business, founded with $100,000 and which grew to four retail locations with annual revenue growth of 60%.

Successful exit

Bullpix Comunicaciones, 2002 – 2005 (3 years)Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bullpix was a digital marketing and communication agency for clients such as Sheraton, Bank Boston, Hospital Austral, London Tie y Pro Entertainment.

Sebastian, has a Communications degree from Universidad Austral from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and from Universidad de la Sabana in Bogotá, Colombia. 

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