Tail Target and Cisneros Interactive Join Forces to Create Tail Target Latino, the Leading Data Management Platform and Behavioral Data Provider in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic Market

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TailTarget, the leading provider of DMP (Data Management Platform) and BehavioralData in Brazil, and Cisneros Interactive, the corporate division of the Cisneros organization dedicatedto investing in digital advertising businesses with great potential of growth andexpansion, announced a multi-million dollar joint venture to launch Tail TargetLatino, which will operate throughout Latin America and the United States.

“Our expertise inPortuguese and its similarities with the Spanish language give us a competitiveadvantage to other platforms.  Be able torecognize the ‘accent’ is a huge benefit when we compare the algorithms thathave been developed for the English language. In addition, we are able to offer, in conjunction with our DMP solution,a vast amount of data on navigational behavior, which, when added to our localsupport team specialized in the market’s native language, definitely sets usapart from other competitors,” said Cristiano Nobrega, CEO of TailTarget.

The capitalinvestment is to ensure Tail Target Latino becomes the principalSpanish-language DMP in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market, helpingfuel the accelerated growth in Programmatic Media.  Tail Target Latino launched operations inMexico in April of last year and will expand in the coming months into Colombiaand Argentina, where it’s already represented by local partners.  Federico A. Adlercreutz, a proven digitalexecutive with more than 20 years of professional experience, was recentlyappointed Head of LatAm, overseeing Tail Target Latino’s operations and thestrategic expansion in Latin America.

The creation of TailTarget Latino is driven by technology and the know-how of Tail Target inBrazil, and is supported in partnership with the publishers and synergiesgenerated by Cisneros Interactive’s portfolio of companies in Latin America andU.S. Hispanic market.  Even in its initialstage of operation, Tail Target Latino already provides the advertising market withBehavioral Data of 390 million Internet users throughout the region, being on desktopor mobile, clustered in hundreds of different profiles.  In the United States alone, it compiles dataon 30 million Hispanics, making it the market’s leading DMP.

According to Nobrega,this targeting has become essential for advertisers to reach their desiredaudience on various sites, at a time when the practice of purchasing volumes ofdigital media in real time (Real Time Bidding) is growing rapidly.  

In this context, TailTarget Latino’s mission is to capture and process Internet user data in theregion, offering advertisers the possibility of creating and targeting theircampaigns according to their diverse interests.

“Identifying behavioralpatterns, demographics and socioeconomic factors of a target audience, providesadvertisers with clear insights that will make their campaigns even moreefficient,” emphasized Victor Kong, President ofCisneros Interactive.

The joint venturewith Tail Target was a strategic move by Cisneros Interactive to enter the DataIntelligence market, which is growing exponentially around the world, as wellas to enable the corporate unit’s affiliated companies to offer customers greatervalue.  

“The synergy withTail Target Latino brings us an important competitive advantage, assisting otheroperations in our portfolio to gain unique insights and to deliver moreaccurate and effective campaigns,” Kong concluded.