Cisneros Promotes Women’s Rights and the Elimination of Violence Against Women with its Campaign #LasMujeresNoCallamos

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Cisneros continues its efforts to promote women’s rights and the elimination of violence against women through its campaign #LasMujeresNoCallamos [#WeWomenWillNotRemainSilent].

Through its Cisneros Media corporate division’s multiple communications platforms and other channels that joined the effort, Cisneros launched the campaign across Latin America on November 25th, and will continue its efforts until Thursday, December 10th, as part of UN Women’s “16 Days of Activism” in commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

“With #LasMujeresNoCallamos, we want to make diverse audiences aware and sensitive of women’s rights, and enable them to visualize the reality of violence against women,” emphasized Maria Ignacia Arcaya, Vice President & Executive Director, Corporate Social Responsibility of Cisneros.  “These messages were launched in 2014 in conjunction with UNiTE Latin America, a campaign promoted by the Secretary General of the United Nations to eliminate violence against women, and most importantly, this time around the project will have a major impact at a regional level thanks to important alliances with television channels with the desire to have a social impact, firmly believing they can be agents of change.”

#LasMujeresNoCallamos, a concept originated by Venevision’s creative team, consists of audiovisual messages that bring to light the different types of violence against women, regardless of age, race or social-economic status, emphasizing that no form of violence is justifiable or tolerable.

The campaign, which features renowned Latin actresses of the stature of Susana Dosamantes, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Zully Montero, Scarlet Ortiz and Zuleyka Rivera, was produced in two versions: a national edition for Venezuela, which is being broadcast on Venevision and Venevision Plus, and an international edition for Latin America, which can be seen on the regional cable signals of Cisneros Media’s VePlus TV, Turner’s Glitz*, and MVS’s Multipremier.  Other channels airing the campaign include VMAS TV in Colombia, Channel 10 in Uruguay, MVS’s Channel 52 and MC in Mexico, and Medcom’s ECO channel in Panama.

In Ecuador, TC Mi Canal joined Cisneros Media and UN Women in their efforts, creating a local version of the campaign with local talent, while Albavision is also committed to the elimination of violence against women with the transmission of #LasMujeresNoCallamos messages on their television broadcast signals in 12 countries, spanning from Mexico to Argentina.

Since 2013, Cisneros and UN Women, the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women, signed a memorandum of understanding based of the mutual appreciation of the potential role media companies may have in the formation of egalitarian, emerging, and non-violent societies where human rights prevail.