Cisneros_SocialResp_Icon.pngSocial Leadership

“At Cisneros we believe that our contribution to education, the empowerment of individuals and the communities in which we operate, are key to achieving sustainable development. This conviction, which is integrated into our business strategy, generates a strong sense of co-responsibility and translates into actions with a positive social impact.”

Our initiatives in education include, among others, job-readiness programs for children of our employees, scholarships for the development of young leaders, and the Fundación Cisneros professional development platform for primary and secondary-school teachers.

Aware of the potential role that media plays as an agent of change, we produce and distribute socially responsible content that promotes values of personal growth and coexistence, as well as the elimination of violence against women, the prevention of teen pregnancy and gender equality. 

The long-term vision of economic, social and environmental sustainability is at the center our tourism and real estate development business model. This vision is embodied by Tropicalia in Miches, Dominican Republic and its community programs implemented through Fundación Tropicalia.


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