Interactive-o.pngCisneros Interactive

"Innovative digital advertising solutions that reach Latin American, U.S. Hispanic, and Spanish consumers like never before."

Cisneros Interactive is focused on the fast growing digital advertising market in Latin America and the US Hispanic market.  

In the past 7 years, it has become a leader in the region with offices in 16 countries and several companies, each one of them, a leader in its own segment within the digital advertising ecosystem.  

It has accomplished this by:

  • Providing capital and management support to expert digital advertising entrepreneurs.
  • Focusing on innovation within the continually evolving and fluctuating world of digital advertising.
  • Establishing strategic alliances in the region with first class international companies, such as Facebook
  • Helping publishers monetize their audience and content


Currently, Cisneros Interactive’s portfolio consists of six major initiatives:

  1. Facebook’s Authorized Sales Partner in Latin America:   Cisneros Interactive is Facebook’s strategic partner in Latin America, at this moment with presence in 9 countries (Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico).   Cisneros Interactive in these markets offers Advertisers and Ad Agencies local support, education, and local credit and payment.  
  2. RedMas offers multiple advertising products such as video, mobile, display, and programmatic solutions.   With local teams in 16 countries, it has forged close relationships with advertising agencies and advertisers across Latin America.     It commercializes its own products and represents other international publishers who want to monetize their Latin American traffic.
  3. Ad is Latin America’s first and leading audio advertising solutions company.   It has also developed AudioTrade, its own DSP (Demand Side Platform) specifically tailored to audio advertising and with access to the largest pool of audio inventory in the region.   It additionally has the exclusive representation in Latin America of large audio publishers such as Tunein, PRISA’s programmatic inventory, Deezer, and podcast-giant Wondery.
  4. FLUVIP is Latin America’s leading influencer marketing company and it has developed its own technology platform which basically automatizes the process of identifying and selecting the best influencers for a campaign, controls the publishing process, and measures the reach and efficiency of each campaign.   
  5. Coyote Media House is based in Mexico and it specializes in Branded Entertainment, creating digital video content for major advertisers such as Walmart. 
  6. Tail, based in Brasil, is one of the leading data management platforms in Latin America.    With several data solutions it helps advertisers know its audiences and achieve better advertising results by improving its targeting capabilities..