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"The Leading DMP and Data Provider in Latin America and US Hispanic market"

Tail Target Latino was recently created through a Joint Venture between Cisneros Interactive and Tail Target, the leading DMP (Data Management Platform) in Brazil.

In the growing world of real time bidding, being able to reach your desired market on multiple websites is extremely important to advertisers. This is why it is critical to understand and segment users based on their interests, consumption habits, as well as other demographic and socioeconomic factors. Tail Target Latino’s mission is to capture and process this data to become the leading DMP in the Spanish speaking region.

Tail Target brings its technology and know-how and Cisneros Interactive leverages its user base, its relationships with publishers and its knowledge of the region’s advertisers and agencies.

Tail Target has information on 390 million users in Latin America and the US Hispanic market, making it the leading DMP in the region.

It classifies this audience into 110 segments, enabling Advertisers to fine tune the targeting of their campaigns. It is also connected to several international DSPs to complement the purchase of real time bidding with user information.

It also offers data solutions to Publishers, enriching their business decisions with a deeper understanding of their users and increasing their eCPMs by integrating customer data to their ad servers and selling more segmented audiences.


Tail Target Latino began by opening an office in Mexico under the leadership of Federico Aldercreutz, as Country Manager.  






Tail Target was founded by digital entrepreneur, Cristiano Nobrega. He was also Co-Founder of Obaoba, Brazil’s most popular event guide for teenagers and young adults, which was acquired in 2008 by RBS Group, where he worked as Director of New Digital Businesses until 2011.


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