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Coyote Media House

"The Branded Entertainment company specializing in digital content"


In today’s digital advertising environment with ad-blockers and skippable ads, Brands are increasingly creating interesting content to fully engage with their target audience. Called Branded Content, Content Marketing, or Branded Entertainment, this “new” way for brands to connect with their audience was pioneered in Mexico by Coyote Media House.

Coyote Media House is a production studio specializing in developing digital content for premium advertisers.

Its mission is to:

  • Offer clients high impact and memorable experiences
  • Integrate strategy, content, creativity, innovation, and design,
  • Generate value and positive ROI

Today, its client roster includes Walmart Mexico, Heineken, VW, Cerveza Indio, and Batanga. 

Case Study: Creation and management of Cocina Fresca, a YouTube channel for Walmart Mexico: 

  • 20 new recipes are uploaded every month; videos are about 2 mins each
  • 20,000 subscribers
  • 10M video views since Jan 2014

Coyote Media House was founded in Mexico in 2004 by Javier Talan.

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