Facebook Official Reseller in Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Venezuela

Cisneros Interactive is proud to represent Facebook in these 4 countries. Digital advertising is growing very quickly in these markets, with Facebook taking a very significant share of the market.

As the Official Reseller, Cisneros Interactive is hiring a local team in each country which will be providing support to advertisers, educating the marketplace on Facebook’s advertising best practices, and offering local payment options.

Our local teams are headed by:

Xavier Torres, Country Manager Ecuador

Xavier Torres, Country Manager Ecuador

Serial entrepreneur since 1996 with deep experience in digital marketing, internet, Pay TV, and the software industry. Pioneer in Ecuador’s communication and digital marketing industry.

Co-founded YAGE, the main digital agency in the country, and founder of XiY, a media company specializing in selling Pay TV (the exclusive representative of AdSales Fox Media) and digital advertising.

Former President of the Ecuadorean Software Association where he promoted Asociatividad projects and the export capabilities of this sector. Currently , he is a founding member of the Ecommerce Chamber in Ecuador and a board member of IAB’s local chapter.

He graduated from the PUCE University in Ecuador with a Software Engineer degree, and has an MBA from the IDE School of Business, specializing in Innovation at SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY (USA). He also attended different Business and Media courses in Spain, Holland, Mexico and the United States.

Nicolas Manoiloff, Country Manager Paraguay

Nicolas Manoiloff, Country Manager Paraguay

Nicolas has 20 years of experience in the advertising industry after graduating with an Advertising degree from Universidad de El Salvador in Buenos Aires.

He was the Strategy and Innovation Director at Initiative for the Unilever Argentina account, Regional Media Manager at Initiative for Unilever Latam, Digital Media Director for Initiative Argentina, and General Manager for La Media de Lupe, in Paraguay. Previous to his new post at Cisneros, he Co-founded Aditor, one of the most recognized digital agencies in Paraguay.

For the past 7 years he has worked in developing and professionalizing the Paraguayan advertising market, both in his role as a media professional and as an academic (Professor at La Guapa and speaker at various events such as Marketing Trends, La TV que se Viene y La Caja de Herramientas).

Under his leadership, La media de Lupe, won the first international award granted to a Paraguayan media agency.

Julio Naranjo, Country Manager Venezuela

Julio Naranjo, Country Manager Venezuela

Julio Naranjo Álamo has more than 15 years’ experience in journalism and advertising. He studied Communications at Santa Maria University in Caracas, and has a Masters in Scriptwriting for Television at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

He launched his professional career in journalism and worked for radio, television, print, and digital media. During his stay in Spain, he worked in television as part of various script writing teams at Globomedia, a production company.

In 2007, back in his native Venezuela, he became the Chief Editor of Meridiano Web and 2001 Web, both online publications belonging to the Bloque de Armas group.

In 2012, he becomes the Digital Advertising Manager for VC Medios Venezuela, and after three years he also assumed revenue responsibility for the Baseball programming in IVC and VC Sports, two leading sport channels, belonging to the same VC Medios group.

In mid 2016, he assumed as Commercial Director at RedMas Venezuela.

Giovanni Gamarra, VP Sales Bolivia

Giovanni has 10 years of experience in Telecom, Internet, Marketing, and Digital Media. He has a Business Administration degree in Entertainment, Sports, and Media from Harvard University (USA) and has taken business courses from INCAE (Costa Rica), and leadership courses from Georgetown (USA).

Prior to Cisneros Interactive, he was Director, Value-Added Services and Digital Business Millicom Bolivia (leading telco), where he led the digital transformation for the company. He was the leader for the 3G Prepaid Mobile Internet project, the first in the country, and launched the first multi-screen Sports channel and the first music streaming service in Bolivia.

He was also the Co-Founder of supertarjetas.co, the first ecommerce company in Bolivia and he won the Ecommerce Day Innovation award.

Currently he is on the Board of the Ecommerce Chamber of Commerce and of the Tedx Youth brand in Bolivia. He was also named by Forbes as one of the main contributors in the digital transformation of his country.

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